Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm in Chicago experimenting with my new widgets. I ran to Sam's Club and bought the FLIP. I took some video at the Museum of Science and Industry and am heading out the door for the Field Natural History Museum. Then it's Cirque de Soleil at the United Center (go Bulls!). So lots of stuff going on. I sent facebook invites to the Mount Sport Management majors and then some... Not surprisingly, most were already registered. I'll try Twitter while I'm out today. VisualTwitter is still a bust. User error, I'm sure!

The packing thing is going pretty well. I got everything I need in that little suitcase. Now I will have to fit my computer in there. I guess I will have to do with a few less outfits. Are two enough for 11 days?

On the upside, our visas are in and that will get us in the country. The question is...can we get out. I'm not LOL.


Jude said...

So -- excitement must be getting the better of you, posting comments at daybreak. How little is that bag you'll be fitting everything in? I am looking forward to your blogs and being able to communicate with you while you are away. I will be living one of my dreams through you until I can make my dream of visiting China a reality.

Jude said...
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