Monday, July 7, 2008


I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods to look for inground basketball systems for my son and ended up with 2 new pairs of shoes and lots of microfiber clothing for me. The basketball thing will have to wait. So I have this vision of dragging luggage around a very crowded Beijing and through the narrow corridors of their streets. The vision also includes miles of walking. My goal is to pack in one small carryon and carry my computer and gadgets in the one other item I am allowed. That will be a backpack for cameras and adapters, Flip, microphone and IPOD accessories. I have already spent about 10 hours loading new music and playlists. That was fun. I'm a bit OCD with that stuff. If I even think I might want to listen to a song, I have to find it and sync it. I also spent awhile on the phone with my phone carrier AT&T. In addition to upgrading my text package, I'll need an unlimited web browser package and right before we leave, I'll add the international data and text package. Sheesh. Glad I started a few weeks ahead of time or I'd be SOL.

I've been watching all the footage for the qualifying meets and trials that I can find. I was really impressed with Dara Torres and Michael Phelps and am glad that Tyson Gay will be back in time from his inury to compete. I have a few contacts working some of the venues over there. Maybe I can talk them into a facility tour or a pass especially for swimming. That is a really fast-paced and exciting sport that I haven't seen firsthand at the Olympics.

The visualTwitter is still causing me trouble. Hopefully, after visiting my tech savvy brother in Chicago this week, I will have that bug worked out. In theory and on paper, I'm in good shape. Reality however, usually throws curveballs and changeups.

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