Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today is Thursday...I think

I have only a small idea of what day it is...I need a vacation from my vacation. I wonder if out new President of the Mount, Dr. Tony Aretz, will let me start a month late????

The Shanghai 5 is all back in one piece. Ali, Dr. EZ, Greg, Megan, and Shirley had a great time and had funny stories to tell. They said it was wall-to-wall highrises with the 2 of the five tallest buildings in the world. I just might have to come to China to see Shanghai someday.

Today is finding tickets for events for some and the Summer Palace for the rest of us. Balancing sightseeing and the Olympics is hard work! I know I have Track & Field tickets tomorrow and softball on Saturday so I feel good about that.

I'll be blogging again tonight so you will hear about our day later. Yesterday, if you were wondering, was the "lost trying to find Pizza Hut" day. Karen W., Karen R., Peggy, and I walked as much yesterday as we did at the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. We did find it, however and I must tell you it was quite the experience. A maitre' de sat us and we had two servers. I posted a picture of the "Hut" and the local Outlet Mall. It was fun! Later...

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