Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Big Day

Ni Hao,

After over a year of planning, it is finally the day of departure. It is also my birthday. Some have accused me of leaving today on purpose so that I don't have to blow out, well, let's just say, a few candles. Not true. Anyway, we leave tonight from Cincinnati at 9:05 pm and get in to Los Angelos at 10:48 pm. We leave LAX at 12:30 am and arrive in Seoul, Korea at 4:50 am. We leave Seoul at 9:30 am and arrive in Beijing at 10:35 am. We actually leave on August 6th and arrive on the 8th. About 24 hours of traveling once you take out the 13 hour time difference. I am tired already.

I think I have plenty to keep me occupied on the plane and in the airports. My iPod is updated and has thousands of songs and quite a few podcasts. I downloaded a novel (unabridged) and brought 2 paperpacks. There will probably be a few movies. I have cameras galore and my computer (I still have fall syllabi to finish). And candy... must have candy. I also will make some new friends. I plan on talking with Maureen, my new Chinese friend to get all the inside scoop on Beijing. I should probably be reminded how to say bathroom, beer, hello, thank you, and good bye. Also, the courtesies of interacting with the people. Americans do not always have the best reputation in other parts of the world. But we can change American at a time.

And my phone works! We'll see if it does in other parts of the world. You may see some random posts of pictures on the blog. My camera phone is very so-so but I'll try and caption them. If I have wireless access along the way, I can post more descriptions on the blog and download photos from my digital camera which will be much better.

So guess who is carrying the US flag into the Olympic stadium for Opening Ceremonies. Lopez Lomong. You can read about him and see his picture in a previous post below. Pretty cool!

I am getting very excited about this trip but it is not without some trepidation. I'll miss my kids but know that I will have many stories and experiences to share with them. Besides, I will have my phone to hear their voices every day..............won't I?????

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. S.,

I just got finished keeping up-to- date with my daughter's blog as she traveled for the past month to Bosnia and Scotland. Now I can continue hearing about other parts of the world through your blog. It will be quite fascinating to hear the stories and see the pictures of the people and places in Beijing!

I am anxiously awaiting to hear more about your trip as I am very much interested in the Olympics as well. I was in Atlanta for the Summer Olympics in 1996 and found it to be one of the greatest things I have ever done.

Thank you for taking the time to keep all of us here in the States informed of your travels in China. I'm looking forward to more blogs.

Taryn L.

PS - I hope your phone continues to work!